Sedu Hair Iron Reviews

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Thousands of people have bought it, used it and love it!

Click on the link below to read over 1000 reviews and see the before and after
pictures of those that have tried the Sedu Hair Iron:

Sedu Hair Iron Reviews


Keri Russell “before” hair:                   
Keri Russell’s “sedu” hair:

keri russell's before hair                    
keri russell's sedu hair     

Excerpts of reviews for Sedu Ceramic Hair Straightener:

“….it tames my hair down like i went to the salon and paid lots of money to
get my hair fixed. its excellent and worth my money!!…”

“…This flat iron is great!…It really does cut the time it takes to do
your hair in 1/2! And my hair was so straight and so flat afterward!…”

“…I was a little skeptical at first with the price, but I am so glad I
bought it.. This thing is amazing, and yes I have tried EVERYTHING with my tight
curly, frizzy hair…”

“…I have very long, thick, wavy hair — plenty of frizz too. I had bought
one of those cheap straighteners from CVS and it barely did anything (plus took
forever!) The sedu took me 15-20 minutes, which is faster than it takes to wash
my hair! When used with no product my hair stays pretty straight for a day…”


“I really did not want to shell out the money for this flat iron. But after 2
of mine broke and kept snagging my hair, I decided that I’d invest in a good
one. I’ve been reading the reviews on here for a long time so I knew this was
the one I wanted….The results were out of this world! I have very thick,course,
curly hair and hair now is smooth, shiny and HEALTHY FEELING…”

“…I have curly/frizzy hair that I am completely unable to get straight
without a visit to a salon. But the Sedu is amazing and can get and keep my hair
stick straight all day long, even when it’s raining! I love it! By far the best
money I have spent on a beauty related product.”

“…I have thick, coarse curly hair, not wavy, curly. I have owned many flat
irons, HAI, UNIL, FHI,(all fairly good); and the worst, Diana the Hunter; a
total ripoff. This flat iron is light, and smooth and is, without a doubt, the
best flat iron I have ever used. It is fabulous and well worth the money.”

“…FAST shipping and the iron is GREAT! MUCH better than the $60 iron I
bought last year…heats up very quickly and straightens the hair on the first

“…This is the best product that has ever touched my hair!!!! I’m have
pretty good/medium textured (black/afro-american) hair. It’s always been a
challenge for me to get the frizz out, so I usually rely on going to a salon to
get a relaxer. I just used the Sedu Iron, and my hair looks and feels better
than ANY salon treatment I’ve ever received!!! No Frizz!…”

“…I received this flat iron so much faster than what I expected. This iron
is amazing!…I have long thick and wavy hair and it does an excellent job of
straightening my hair. I only need to spend about 10 minutes in the morning and
my hair will look very straight, silky and shiny all day long….”

“…I have naturally thick and just-wavy-enough-to-be-annoying hair. It’s
always been hard to style….It is worth every penny!!”

“…I have tried every type of hair iron and nothing compares to the Sedu. I
have VERY thick, course, out of control hair and this iron is amazing. I never
wore my hair down before i started using this iron…”

“…I have A LOT of very curly and frizzy hair past my shoulders. I live in
San Antonio and it is humid year around. I never thought I could have the smooth
and shiny salon look on a daily basis. THIS IS THE BEST FLAT IRON!…”

“…My hair is long, poofy, frizzy, dry, and wavy. And I mean unrulyn
inconsistent waves, not nice soft curvy waves. My hair goes down my back, too,
and is extremely thick. I have owned two flat irons previously: 1.) Ceramic
Tools, and 2.) Futura Metro.

Both of those irons were okay but they took forever to heat up and didn’t
straighten very well at all….The first time I used it my hair was PIN STRAIGHT
JENNIFER ANISTON HAIR! No joke. I ran my fingers through it all day! It was
glistening and shiny and flat and sleek looking…Girls, if you have nasty,
unruly, frizzy, poofy, coarse, wavy, curly and/or untamed uncooperative hair,
you MUST buy this Sedu. It is a godsend! I don’t know how I lived without it!”

Sedu Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron

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